30 Oct

Outfit Info:
Skirt: Simons
Collared Shirt: Le Chateau
Cardigan: Vintage
Boots: Rooster
Tights: Joe Fresh

Quitting can be one of the toughest things you can do.  All the major messages we receive, especially as kids, is that quitters never win.  But what if that message is skewed?  What if you quit, in order to do something better?

The worst advice I’ve ever received about school was this: don’t ever drop a class.  This advice is bad on so many levels. The main one being, if you fail a class, that’s on your transcript forever.  I’ve learned, through trial and error, that if you feel that a class is not working out in any way, like if you’ve failed the midterm, YOU SHOULD VW THAT CLASS!  There is no shame in dropping a class because you’re not doing well in it.  It’s SO much better to drop a class than it is to possibly suffer an F on your transcript.

The first time I went to university, I didn’t know what I was doing. I blew it off a lot of times (Pizza Hut had an amazing lunch buffet that my friend and I felt was way more interesting that our classes).  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I was talking classes that didn’t interest me, at all.  So then, it wasn’t too surprising that I didn’t do very well.  BUT I DIDN’T QUIT!  Because at that point, I was under the impression that dropping a class I didn’t enjoy and that I wasn’t doing well in was a bad idea.  I was under the impression that quitting was a bad idea, and that the lesson here should be ~work harder and you’ll do great~.  Well, that didn’t pan out so well for me then, and I’m still paying for it in terms of my GPA today.

Then, when I went back to school later (after I had figured out what I wanted to do) I took statistics for the first time… I did not get it at all.  I worked my little butt off and I failed the first midterm.  “That’s ok!” I thought, “I’ll work twice as hard and I’ll do better on the other midterm and the final.”  Fast forward to the second midterm.  Worked twice as hard, even studied on a friday night at the university by myself at university centre.  Yet once again, I failed it.  It seemed that it didn’t matter how hard I worked on it, I did not get it.  Fast forward to the final.  I paid money to go to an intensive all day study session with the guy who wrote the U of M version of Stats for Dummies.  ALL DAY LONG. So bad.  Yet, I still failed it.  So then, surprise, surprise. I failed the course.  Shocker!

It’s ok to drop a course. It’s not the end of the world to have to quit a job or a volunteer position.  It’s better to quit and move on to something that will be better! Or, try again with the knowledge you have on the subject, and do better, like I did with statistics!


2 Responses to “quitting”

  1. Naomi October 30, 2013 at 4:26 pm #

    Love the boots!

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