Road Trip Beauty Essentials

I’ve pretty much always been pretty laid back when it comes to my beauty “routine”. I say “routine” like that, because I never really had one.  I never really grew up wearing a ton of makeup, or ever using hair product (I still don’t haha).  So, it would probably be weird to learn that when I go on a road trip, I have a whole bag that is dedicated to beauty.

Here’s what’s inside:

Road Trip Essentials

This is what I like to call the First Layer.  In the first layer, we have:
1. Hair brushes (I have two here because when I went to Moose Jaw, I forgot to bring one at all and I wanted to make sure that did NOT happen again!)
2. Hair elastics/bun holder
3. Deodorant
4. Happy Panda filled with Bobby Pins!
5. My Contact Lenses (so I can wear my sunglasses and still be able to see)
6. Perfume
7. Headband
*And up top, two different pairs of sunglasses … just in case I want a different look for the day 😉

Road Trip Essentials

Layer Two:
1. The pink pencil case: aka my tooth brush/toothpaste/floss.
2. My makeup bag

Road Trip Essentials

Pretty basic, I’d say.  Though if I had to bring less stuff, I would probably just bring my eyebrow pencil, my mascara and my makeup remover 😉

What beauty products do you need with you on a road trip?


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  1. In a week I’m also leaving! I used to have the same bag as you but I got rid of it and got a much bigger one since I can be a heavy packer at times (guilty) haha I’m gonna be making the same post as you and we’ll compare 🙂 expect to see tons of unnecessary stuff I pack haha

    1. Hope you have fun on your trip 🙂
      I’m bad for overpacking, too! I don’t know how much of the stuff in there that I actually used while I was away 😉
      <3 looking forward to your post!

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