My Lovely Friends: Brenda

Navy & Floral

Navy & Floral

Navy & Floral

Navy & Floral

Outfit Info:
Dress: Dominican Republic

This is my fabulous friend, Brenda! She’s probably one of my closest lady friends.  On Monday of last week, she came and spent the day with me at Victoria Beach and we got to have a super fun photoshoot! She shared three of her favourite outfits with me, so there will be a couple of posts about her upcoming 🙂

Brenda is a fantastic interior designer. She works for Everitt Design, and believe me, she works HARD! (You can see past and present projects here .. including an amazing looking walk in closet that I know I will be dreaming about from ow on!)

I also asked Brenda a few questions about her style inspiration and stuff like that:

1. What was your biggest style influence growing up?

Probably sears catalogs and pattern catalogs at fabricland

2.  What are your favourite colours to wear?

Deep purples, although I’ve recently become a fan of emerald and now in the summer I am moving towards yellows, pinks and even peachy/salmon colours!!!  Also black and greys are always a must with colours used for accent.


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