Cutie with a Sunburn

So, despite how much sunscreen you put on, how often you were in the shade instead of in direct sunlight, AND the largeness of your beach hat and sunglasses, you still managed to get a sunburn.  And sunburns are THE WORST! While you want to dress as stylishly and as cute as normal, sunburns put a damper on that.  So how do you dress cute when it literally hurts you to wear clothes?  It all depends on where you got your sunburn!



When your shoulders are sunburned, the last thing you want is to put on anything with straps that cut right into your sore skin.  Strapless is the way to go in that respect! It means you can put as much aloe vera on your shoulders as you need, all day long.  Plus, a lot of these dresses have a built in bra, just in case you’re not comfortable with free boobing it.

Lower back:

High waisted shorts

I always manage to get a sunburn on my lower back, just above where my bikini bottom starts. It’s such a pain because it means that any low waist skirts or pants will fall exactly on where the burn is.  Really hurts!! I discovered this past week that high waisted shorts or pants are the way to go when you have a sunburn here.  They guarantee that your burn will be left alone so it can heal faster.

Upper Thighs/Cheeks:

This is one of the most uncomfortable place to get a sunburn.  And you pretty much have to wear something long when you get sunburned here.  It sucks to have to wear pants when it’s so hot out, so the answer is a maxi skirt/dress!  The nice thing about the maxi skirt when it comes to a sunburn on your upper thigh/cheeks is that it means you don’t have to sit directly on it.  One of the worst things about this type of sunburn is that when you sit on certain seats in the summer, your skin tends to stick to it.  If it’s in the car, or that nice leather couch, it’s a pain to get up again!  Enter maxi-skirt. You’ll be sitting pretty, and pain-free!

My final style tip for someone with a sunburn in any of these areas is lots and lots of aloe vera! It’ll heal the burn way faster, and it feels amazing.

How do you recover when you get a sunburn in the summer?


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