2 Steps to Making Any Dinner Feel Fancy

When you’re in the middle of studying for an exam (especially one as challenging as statistics), it’s really easy to fall into the rhythm of having dinner in front of the tv every night.  It’s easy to scarf down whatever it was you made in 10 minutes flat while watching an episode of Arrested Development.  However, I’ve heard (from a few different places) that eating your dinner in front of the tv is so bad for you! You don’t pay attention to your food, so you end up eating more. Your body is getting the food so fast, that it can’t tell you when it’s full! No good!

So, how do you move away from doing that?  Especially in the last few weeks of statistics, it was nice to have a 22 minute break in the form of entertainment, but it’s also a great break to be able to sit with my husband (at the table!!) and eat dinner.

It’s actually really easy to turn any meal into a fancy affair!  You don’t even have to get all of your books completely off the table!

Just Add:

1. Candles

How to make any meal feel fancy

When you have candles on the table (especially tall candles like these), it gives the meal an extra touch of something special.

2. Wine (or, at the very least, wine glasses)

How to make any meal feel fancy

You don’t have to actually drink wine to make the meal feel fancy.  All you have to do is drink from wine glasses! It could be water, it could be milk, it doesn’t matter what you’re actually drinking.  When you drink from a wine glass (or other fancy goblet), you feel like the meal is more special.

That’s all! Adding these two things will make even the simplest crock-pot pot pie feel like a fancy meal!

DHow to make any meal feel fancy


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  1. I’ve always loved drinking from wine glasses, I’ll drink juice from them and you’re right it does make it feel special. I love the little owls on your table!

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