Exciting Things in July!

Marilyn Dress

Marilyn Dress

Marilyn Dress

Marilyn Dress

Outfit Info:
Dress: My sister made it for me
Shoes: Joe Fresh
Necklace: I think F21

It’s FINALLY July! You know what that means? It’s summer vacation for me!! And for lots of other people.  I’m so pumped to have been able to start my summer vacation awesomely with a road trip to Moose Jaw (pictures to follow)! It was an amazing weekend of relaxation, and I feel so refreshed after having gone on it.

I will tell you alll about that when I post the pictures, but for now, here are:

6 Things I’m Excited about in July!!

1. No more stats!
I had my Stats final last Thursday, and I’m sooo happy and relieved for it to be over.  Now I just have to keep refreshing the “Final Grades” page on the university website until they show up! f5 f5 f5 where are my grades?!

2. Big Brother!!
One of the best things about the summer is the fact that we get another season of Big Brother! I am a definite Big Brother junkie, and I love that my husband will watch this with me and participate.  This year, we’ve decided to set up our own “teams” so to speak. We split up everybody in the cast for the year into my team and his team. Then, we will get points based on a number of things.  First, based on how long each person lasts in the house, we get points for that.  And, if someone from my team and someone from Andrew’s team gets put on the block, and the person from Andrews team gets sent home, I get a point! I would also like to make it so we get some kind of reward when someone on our team gets HOH or Power of Veto, or whatever else they’re going to throw at us this season.  I’m excited.

3. It’s a very Vegan summer!
Andrew and I have decided that for the summer we’re going to cut meat, dairy & eggs from our diets.  I have been vegan before, and I felt really good when I was doing it. It was amazing.  So, just for July and August, we’re going to be vegan. Maybe it’ll extend after that, but we’ll have to see!  I’m excited to get started.

4. Victoria Beach!
I am sooooo pumped that I get to go to Victoria Beach for a week this month!  I didn’t get to go at all last year because I was working at the church (and therefore working every single Sunday) but now that I’m funemployed, I get to go to VB for a week!  I’ll be going for the weekend with Andrew, and then he gets to come back to the city for the week because he still has to work. 🙂 Really really excited about that!

5.  Calgary Road Trip!
Andrew’s cousin is getting married in Calgary, so we’re going to be heading over there (with his brother) to celebrate with them.  I am really excited to be able to go. Plus, we’ll be heading to Edmonton (and West Ed MALL) on the way there 🙂

6.  Completing some things on my To-Do list
Since I’m not working until the beginning of August, I have this month to get some stuff done around here.  In being totally involved in Stats for the last two months, I’ve let a few things fall to the wayside.  I am really excited that I’m going to be getting my life/apartment back to being as organized as I would like to always have it.

What are you looking forward to about this month?


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