Happy Canada Day!

I hope you’re having an amazing Canada Day!

One of the things that I love about Canada (and there are many) is how many talented musicians there are that are from here.  It’s really a lot more than you would think!

A few years ago, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on the States (and I want to say we were chatting over aim haha). She decided that there were no good bands/musicians from Canada. Based on what, I don’t even know.  Either way, that really offended me. OF COURSE there are TONS of AMAZING Canadian singers/songwriters/musicians!  So I made her a mix cd and sent it to her.  I didn’t say it was a cd of Canadian artists, I probably made up a theme.  But she thought it was great.  THEN I told her that they were all from Canada. BAM! LAWYERED.

So for today, I have another playlist!  When I was putting this together, I came to the realization that pretty much everything that my parents listened to when I was growing up was Canadian! And I just love that.

[gigya src=”http://grooveshark.com/widget.swf” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”400″ height=”400″ flashvars=”hostname=grooveshark.com&playlistID=88001582&p=0&bbg=f50c0c&bth=f50c0c&pfg=f50c0c&lfg=f50c0c&bt=ffffff&pbg=ffffff&pfgh=ffffff&si=ffffff&lbg=ffffff&lfgh=ffffff&sb=ffffff&bfg=f00c0c&pbgh=f00c0c&lbgh=f00c0c&sbh=f00c0c” ” allowScriptAccess=”always” wmode=”window”]

If you like what’s here, there are TONNES more great Canadian artists!!

Hope you have an amazing Canada day 🙂


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  1. there’s some great music on there, I’m kinda bopping my head as I’m listening. My favourite Canadian singer is probably Avril Lavigne

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