LWD: Little White Dress





Outfit Info:
Dress: Urban Behaviour
Cardigan: Clothing Swap
Shoes: Target
Belt: Second Hand
Necklace: Second Hand

There’s something nice and summery about a white dress.  I originally bought this one because I was getting married and I needed a nice dress to wear to my bridal shower. Plus, how often can you wear a white dress? How silly was I? You can wear a white dress as often as you want!! (Just, maybe don’t wear one at another woman’s wedding… even if she doesn’t care, the other guests might be shooting daggers at you with their eyes the entire night. Just sayin’ 😉 )

I used to think that white dresses were reserved only for brides.  That is so not true! I’m so glad that I got over that silly assumption.. because otherwise I would have had to give away this cute dress!

What do you think about little white dresses?


ps: I have to talk about this artwork! I absolutely love the murals that are hiding around my city.  This one in particular is down the back lane from our apartment, and it’s so beautiful!  I also love that it has special meaning behind it, too.  It’s also nice to find something like this where you least expect it.

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