Somebody In New York Loves Me

Somebody In New York Loves Me!

Somebody In New York Loves Me!

Somebody In New York Loves Me!

Somebody in New York Loves Me!

Outfit Info:
Skirt: Clothing Swap
Shoes: Joe Fresh

I love this shirt because it reminds me of the time I spent in New York a few years ago. I absolutely LOVED it there, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since.  Every time I watch a movie or a tv show that is set in NYC, it makes me “homesick” for it, if that’s something that’s even possible.  I get this pang in my heart region that tells me I need and long to be there. It was AMAZING!

My obsession with NYC started young. In high school, I loved Friends.  It was also in high school that I discovered Saturday Night Live.  Lets be real, it was one Mr. Jimmy Fallon that initially made me watch it, but after that I was hooked, AND obsessed.  I read as much as I could about SNL, including how people got to be there.  I had a wild and crazy dream that I could be a cast member on there, too. I thought that would be the most amazing job in the world.  Though reality has set in and my dream job has shifted, I would still love to at least see a live taping of the show.  (And really, if Kristen Wiig didn’t get on there till 32, there’s still hope for me 😉 )


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