alysagram: almost done stats!!

1. My thoughts on one of the questions on my stats assignment.  I was right. It was a trick.
2. Just before running in the marathon!
3. Icing my hurt knee after running in the marathon! (And watching some of the new Arrested Development)
4. Beautiful lilacs from my mother in law <3
5. My new ipod case!  It’s for an iphone, but idc! Now it looks like I have an iphone lol nope 🙁
6. The ~official~ marathon picture of me. I could buy it for $30, or … 😉
7. I love candy!!
8. I love the layers in this photo! me, my back of head (featuring a scrunchie haha), my headbands, and my sleeping husband 😉

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have a great weekend!! I’m going to see Taylor Swift tonight! SO EXCITED!!


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