10 Life Lessons from Nanny Fine

In recently discovering that all of The Nanny is on Netflix, I decided that it was necessary in life to watch every single episode (to heck with stats!!).  While I did see a few of these episodes when I was younger, for the most part I missed the glory, the amazingness and the beauty of The Nanny.  I am a HUGE fan of Fran Drescher, and The Nanny is no exception.

In watching all the episodes, I’ve learned a lot about love, life and style in general.  I have also learned a few things that maybe I wouldn’t do (but that’ll be a whole different post 😉 )

10 Positive Life Lessons from Nanny Fine

1. Red lipstick is always appropriate!

One of the first things I noticed about Fran Fine was the fact that she was rarely without her red lipstick.  She wore it with anything and everything!  Plus, every so often, she showed us the importance of checking your teeth for lipstick. Even when you blot, lipstick can sometimes make it to your teeth.  Fran’s tip of always checking your teeth is huge!

10 Life Lessons from Nanny Fine

2. Pick one: Cleavage or legs

The Nanny: Fashion Inspiration!Fran Fine: Fashion Inspiration!

I absolutely ADORE Fran’s fashion sense and style.  A lot of what she wore then is currently popular, and it’s cool to see the way that trends have swung back around.  One thing that stood out about the majority of the outfits she wore on the show was the fact that she very rarely showed off both legs and cleavage.  If she was wearing a dress/outfit with cleavage, it was something that was longer, or something that included pants.  If she was wearing a short skirt, she’d have her boobs completely covered, sometimes even as high up as a turtleneck.  Fran had (and still has) an amazing body! It was great the way she showed that you could flaunt what you’ve got, without showing it all.

3. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns and colours!

Fran Fine (and Fran Drescher herself) taught us that bright colours and bold patterns are amazing! Though she may have showed up on some of the worst dressed lists at the time, I love how she wasn’t afraid to be herself and express herself through her clothing.  She has a bright and big personality, why not show that off through what she’s wearing?

4. Children count

I absolutely love the way that Fran treated the kids that she took care of.  Right from the start, she treated them with the utmost respect.  She treated them like they mattered, and that’s awesome for a kid.  With Maggie, Fran helped her realize her confidence and cheered for her accomplishments!  When the show started, Maggie was an awkward pre-teen, and Fran helped her become the confident young woman that she was at the end of the series.
When Fran first met Brighton, he had come out of the kitchen with a pretend knife in his chest.  Fran saw right away that he was a little trickster, and she didn’t put up with any of his crap.  Where other nannies might have been intimidated, she wasn’t.
I think that my favourite has to be her relationship with little Gracie.  All the kids weren’t having the best time considering they lost their mother, but Grace took it the hardest, being that she was the littlest.  Fran never tried to replace their mother, but Grace really loved Fran, and Fran really loved Grace.  It was always great how Fran supported Grace, and some of the things that Grace did that weren’t considered to be “normal”. Fran took it in stride and didn’t make Grace feel bad or ashamed of being herself.
What I love most about the way Fran treated those kids was that she treated them like they were more than kids.  She listened to them when they needed her, and she vouched for them when their father was being unreasonable.  She really rooted for them, and that’s why it was so easy for them to accept her in the role of their mother when she (finally!!) married their father in season 5.

5. Family First

The relationships that Fran has with her mother and with Yeta are so precious.  I think it’s amazing  that Fran’s family was always visiting her at the Sheffield’s house, especially when she was only working there.  For a lot of the series, Fran wishes that her parents would move to Boca, but then when they finally talk about going there, Fran doesn’t want them to move!  The fact that this grown woman needs her mom so close to her is awesome.  It’s not every day that you see that type of relationship between mother and daughter, and this is inspiring.  It’s also really cool to see how much she cares for her grandmother.  It’s obvious that Fran believes in respecting your elders, because she definitely has full respect for hers.

6. True Love is worth waiting for.

For the most part, I think it’s wonderful that Fran and Max end up together! When they F I N A L L Y made it happen I was cheering, it was awesome!  It’s great to see, especially if you look at the types of guys she dates before Max.  Max takes his time with her, which can be frustrating to her, but

7.Retail therapy

I just love Fran’s obsession with Loehman’s, and with not having to pay retail price for things.  She’s always looking for a deal on things, and looks amazing while doing it. The show starts with her working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens (when her boyfriend threw her out in one of those crushing scenes), she obviously has a great love for all things shopping.  Even if it means waiting for hours outside of Loehman’s and getting smushed up against the glass when the store is about to open!

8. Don’t be afraid of actual therapy

Another thing that I found inspiring about Fran Fine was the fact that she was not ashamed to go see a therapist with her problems.  She started seeing him to forget Maxwell (didn’t work) but ended up going pretty often, and talking about a number of different topics while she was there.  The 90’s were not  a time when seeing a therapist was something that was embraced, so the fact that Fran went to one willingly and without being ashamed is inspiring.  She didn’t care if other people knew that she was seeing a therapist, she owned that fact!

9. Friends are forever.

I love Fran’s friendships on the show.  The way that her and Niles relate to each other is awesome! I also just love the character of Niles.  The way they are friends with each other right away is really cool, and then nothing changes when Fran marries Maxwell.
I also really love Fran’s friendship with Val! It’s awesome to have that friend that you’ve known since high school. The fact that Fran has that tight friendship with a female as well as with a male shows how well rounded her character is.  It also shows that it’s important to have all kinds of friends.

10. Kindness is so important!

One of my favourite things about Fran is her heart.  There are two specific examples of this that I can remember from the show.  There’s an episode where she goes to the park and meets someone who she believes is homeless.  Instead of putting her nose up against this person, she embraces him and tries to help him.  She tells him that he can come over anytime when he’s hungry.  Not many people would open their homes so willingly to someone who is less fortunate than them.
The other example I can think of is when she “invests” some money to an old friend of Maxwell’s.  She gives him the money, and then finds out that he’s broke (which is why he needed the money).  She goes to him with the intention of demanding the money back, but listens to her heart and decides to believe in him, letting him keep the money.  It turns out ok for them in the end, but I think it’s really cool that she believes in Maxwell’s friend in this way.
There are surely other examples.  Fran Fine is such an amazing character in a lot of ways.  She’s incredibly giving and friendly, she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and others, and she’s not afraid to be herself.  She knows who she is and shows it.  That’s why I love Nanny Fran Fine <3


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    1. the best thing about old shows is that you can watch all of the episodes at once without having to wait between episodes and between seasons!! 🙂 I was able to watch 6 seasons in maybe 2 months :p
      Thanks! <3

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