Summer Wishlist: Swim suits!

It seems like, until very recently, the only type of swimsuit you could find anywhere was always a two piece!  I have nothing against two piece bathing suits. I’ve worn bikini’s. I’ve loved tankinis.  I own these things and I wear them.  But lately, I’ve noticed that more one piece bathing suits are becoming available!  Where they used to be super matronly and like they were made for older women, now they are coming out with one piece bathing suits that are actually super cute, and in some cases, WAY more stylish than the bikini’s I used to drool over.

I recently discovered this amazing website, Black Milk Clothing, which has a number of super cute one-piece bathing suits.  This company seems really fashion forward, plus everything on the website (at least everything I’ve looked at) is made in Australia.  Super cool!

Here are my top 6 favourite one-piece bathing suits from Black Milk.

1. Shark vs Mermaid
I LOVE how it looks like it’s going to be the movie poster for JAWS, but then The Little Mermaid is on there! So cute.

2. Artoo 2.0
A while ago, I remember seeing a post on tumblr of an R2-D2 swimsuit. And I knew that my Star Wars lovin’ husband would simply adore it on me.. however, it was all sold out.  This is the second version of that bathing suit, and I think I like it better than the original! 🙂

3. Cherry Blossom Black Cap Sleeve
I think my favourite thing about this bathing suit is the fact that it has those ADORABLE little cap sleeves!  It would look super cute with a skirt over it, too.

4. World Flags – Canada
I gotta show my Canadian pride! I love how it’s our beautiful flag 🙂  I would walk around pretending like an Olympian for swimming or something. Despite the fact that I am not a strong swimmer at all!!

5. Ribs Black Swimsuit
I love how simple this one is!

6. Le Chat Noir 2.0
I’ve always loved this poster! When I was in Paris (almost 10 years ago, yikes!!) I picked up a print of it.  We have it hanging in our living room.  The picture is so fun, too 🙂

You can find all their bathing suits here!

Which is your favourite?  I think my favourite has to be the Little Mermaid one 😉


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