How to: Stay Focused

navy + hot pink

navy + hot pink

navy + hot pink

Outfit Info:
Dress: From my MIL (Ya Los Angeles)
Shirt: Hand-Me-Up from my sister (Gap)
Shoes: Target
Hairband: Forever 21

Despite the fact that you probably can’t tell from these photos, statistics is really kicking my butt this week.  I’m having a tough time on the assignment, though I think it’s mostly because of how easily I am distracted by the rest of the internet.  That’s the downside to having all your assignments online, you still have access to the entire internet!  There’s a LOT of stuff on there to look at!  Like, kittens stuck in things, dogs wearing tights, and babies.. so many babies!!

So how do I stay on topic then?

1. Have something to drink
I find that if I already have my water/coffee/Arbor Mist beside me when I’m working, I won’t get distracted by wanting something to drink later.

2.  Take frequent breaks
I’ve learned recently that my attention span lasts about an hour, maybe an hour and 15 minutes if I’m lucky (usually not).  Having a set time to take a break (every 50-60 minutes of work) really helps me get more done.  I feel better about it.

3. Turn off Netflix/the tv!!
I have a major netflix problem, so if I just close it up and leave the room, I’m better at getting work done.  Though it does depend on what I’m doing.. I have been known to do assignments with netflix/tv shows on in the background (whoops!)

4.  Put on some music!
My current study favourite is Of Monsters and Men and She & Him. I love how they are a lot of fun to listen to, but they’re also on the quieter side, so you can have it on in the background and not be too distracted by the beats.

6. Take a dance break and move around
It’s so easy to just check fb/twitter/etc for your break.  I find that when I’m just staying in the same spot when I’m working, I don’t go back to work as fast.  If I get up and move around, I will get back to work that much sooner.

Sometimes all your body needs to get your brain in gear to do work is putting on different clothes.  Especially if it’s a day where you know you’re not going to have to leave your house (until you finish), it can be motivating to actually put on “real clothes” as opposed to pj’s.  I also find that when I dress up, I feel good.  And when I feel good, I do good. Even when it comes to math! Weird! 😉

8. Eat first!
I always get so distracted when I’m hungry. Then I’m also too lazy to actually make something because I’m supposed to be working. Then I’m more hungry because now it’s two hours later and all I’ve been thinking about during that time is eating. But I’m too lazy to make anything, so I just sit there more.  It’s a vicious circle.  Start the study time out right by eating first. It’ll help!

9.  Get a friendI find that if I work with someone, I actually get more work done.  I am the type of person to socialize more than I work, but if I only do that every 20-30 minutes, it’s like a mini-break as opposed to just chatting the entire time.  I want to do work, I also want to socialize. If I do work, I won’t feel bad for socializing. It’s a win-win!

10.  Don’t take statistics, if you can help it.
Trust me. It is literally the worst class in existence.  Just don’t do it, promise?

Alright, I apparently have all the answers and all the steps laid out! Now all I have to do is actually follow these things and I’ll be golden 😉


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