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Outfit Info:
Skirt: Forever 21
Shirt: University of Manitoba bookstore
Hoodie: Bluenotes
Hat: a little shop in NYC
Shoes: Joe Fresh
Bag: Smart Set

6 Things You Should Know about Me:

1.  6 is my favourite number! 
It’s always been kind of a lucky number for me, and I like when things come in packages with six in them.  I also just like how the word looks when it’s written out: six. It’s so fun!  It probably helps that my birthday is the 6th of September, too 😉

2.  I freaking LOVE glitter! 
If I’m making something/painting something, I usually find a way to add glitter to it.  Sometimes I just like looking at glittery things.  I love glitter nail polish and wear it most of the time, despite how difficult it is to remove.  Anything with glitter (pretty much) and I will love it.

3.  I love dresses (as you may have noticed 😉 ).
I’d rather wear a dress or a skirt than jeans or pants.  I just think that dresses/skirts are more fun than pants are.

4.  I hate the word “slut”.It’s just not a nice word.  Also, it doesn’t really exist.  There is no such thing as a slut, truly. A woman can get called a slut by doing absolutely nothing. I wish this word would disappear.

5.  Cheese is the best food and can go with anything.
I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheese!  It’s amazing on pretty much everything. I think that sometimes I eat too much cheese, but I don’t really care? haha. It’s just so good! I was so happy a couple of weeks ago when we got SO MUCH CHEESE from the states for really really really cheap.  It’s so expensive here.  One time, I got a gift card for Sobeys from a student who was raising money that was worth $100. No joke, I could have spent all of that on cheese and been so happy.  I don’t know how I was vegan for as long as I was tbh.

6.  Starbucks is my lifeline.
I love Starbucks so much. Even just brewed coffee (which is around the same price as Tims, just saying).  I just love the atmosphere there. I love studying there. I love the people who work there, they’re all so nice and friendly. If I’m having a bad day, going to Starbucks is a perfect pick-me-up.  It’s like the baristas KNOW I’m having a bad day, so they’re extra nice to me.  I love it there!


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