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So last week, a friend and I were chatting about something and we realized that the Manitoba Marathon was in just over three weeks and that neither of us had started training at all.  That’s a problem.

Especially when I went to start training today and realized how horribly out of shape I am.

No matter! I have a plan and I will be ready to go on June 16th to do my part of the relay (even if it is the smallest part haha).

Here is my training plan:
(please note that I am in no way shape or form qualified to make something like this for others. This training plan is based off of the 8K of 5 Mile Training Schedule that I found on I just changed it from being an 8 week training course to a 3 week to fit my needs. Do not attempt!!)

Week 1:

Day 1. Run 1.5 Miles
Day 2. Rest
Day 3. Run 1.5 miles
Day 4. Crosstraining
Day 5. Rest
Day 6. Run 1.5 miles
Day 7. 30 minute walk

Week 2:

Day 1. Run 3 miles
Day 2. Rest
Day 3. Run 2.5 miles
Day 4. Cross training
Day 5. Rest
Day 6. Run 3.5 miles
Day 7. 30 minute walk

Week 3:

Day 1. Run 40 minutes
Day 2. 30 minute walk
Day 3. Run 30 minute(week three is copied directly from the site)

But Alysa, how do you know how many miles you’ve run without a specific course set out for you?  I know right? I can’t just go for a run and just know how far I’ve gone! Which is why I found this fantastic site!  On you can track out a site, and it tells you exactly how far it is, and in which unit of distance you prefer 🙂  It’s pretty awesome, and makes sure that I’m going as far as I’m supposed to for training.

I’ve got 21 days until the marathon (relay) and here’s hoping that I actually get myself ready!


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