How to: Shop at Ikea without Buying The Whole Store

I love IKEA!

Stacked IKEA object silhouettes


When I went to my first Ikea, I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember that I enjoyed it immensely!  What’s not to like, really?  You get to go from “room” to “room” and see how you could decorate your own home with the items that they have there.  It’s so much fun.  Plus, everything comes in such great colours, they have lots of themes with animals and the food there is great!

Before Winnipeg (finally) got Ikea here, it was always such a treat to be able to go to an Ikea in another city.  My parents brought me back my beautiful Audrey print from Ikea a few years back, and I’ve gotten a few little things there as well.  Now that we have Ikea (yay!) it’s so easy to spend way too much money there.  I have found myself going in for one or two things, and walking out with $150 (or more) worth of stuff I don’t need and didn’t anticipate wanting.

How to Shop at Ikea without Buying The Whole Store.

1.  Don’t get a cart.
If you shop with a cart, you’ll add more things to it than you originally planned.  If you’re only holding things in your arms, or in one of Ikea’s yellow bags, you won’t buy as much because you’ll realize how HEAVY it all is!  When you shop there with a cart, it makes it much easier to put everything into it, even the things you weren’t all that excited about.

2.  Try not to stop and look at everything you find interesting.
I have the biggest problem with this one,honestly.  Everything there looks so fun and colourful and pretty, it’s really hard not to stop and give everything a closer look.  I just had to keep reminding myself not to though, and I was able to.

3.  Give yourself a time frame.
I went to Ikea while one of my loads of laundry was being washed.  I knew that I really only had about 45 minutes for the whole thing.  If you give yourself a time  frame for looking around, you will get to what you want as quickly as you can and you’ll miss a lot of the things that would otherwise be distracting/that would possibly want to go home with you.

4.  Reward yourself after!One of the best things about Ikea is the cheap food! So if you are able to stay within your budget and not leave with too many more things than what you came for, reward yourself with a frozen yogurt!  They’re only $1.00 after all 😉

Mission Accomplished:
How to Only Buy What You Need at Ikea

I went into ikea today to get some knobs for the dresser I’m repainting, and I walked out with the knobs I needed, plus a dish brush for Andrew.  I spent less than $10, including the frozen yogurt 🙂


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  1. Loving these tips! We have a real problem with spending hours in ikea and spending half our paychecks there. We don’t have one nearby, so when we visit, we tend to grab a cart. Will keep these tips in mind for the next time we visit. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. Thank you! It’s so tough to do! Especially now that I don’t have to think about how much space I need to leave for other things 😉
      Thanks for reading <3

  2. That’s good advice. Does Andrew like the dish brush? He should since green is his favorite color 😉

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