How To: Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts!

I love my mom!  I also love Andrew’s mom!  But, for some reason thinking of Mother’s day gifts for them this year was a little more challenging than in the past.  I would say it’s because now I am shopping for two moms, but this has also been true the past two years. 

I thought a lot about the kinds of gifts that they would like.  I knew that I didn’t want to do a carbon copy of last year’s gift (which I am almost positive was a carbon copy of the gift we gave them the year before). I also knew that I didn’t want to just get a candle or a lotion, because I feel like they already have their favourites of each that they usually would just buy for themselves.  I also didn’t want to go the route of flowers, because we’re unable to see both of them that day.

So, on Wednesday I was walking around the book store, trying to think of books they might like (50 Shades of Grey? haha NO!!) and it hit me:

A painting!

Mom’s are suckers for the DIY gift (or is that limited to my own mother?) and along with that, I thought I could get them a little package of tea from David’s tea.

How to: Last minute mother's day gift!

Start with two blank canvases.  I bought mine at Dollarama for $2 a piece. 

(I buy canvas there because I am in no way shape or form an artist.  I like doing it, but I never know quote how my art is going to turn out, so I don’t want to spend more money if I don’t know whether or not it’ll be good.  After I’ve practiced for a while longer, I’ll probably get a higher quality canvas, but in the meantime it’s handy to be able to walk to Dollarama and get a canvas for $2.)

How to: Last minute mother's day gift!

For the first one, I decided to do something I had seen on pinterest a while ago and tape a word onto the canvas and paint over it.  Since I love my moms, I went with that word 🙂

How to: Last minute mother's day gift!

I always really like to mix glitter into my paint, so I mixed some red glitter in there to give it some extra sparkle.

How to: Last minute mother's day gift!

Then I started painting!  I thought pink was not enough on it’s own so I added some extra colours to make it pop.

How to: Last minute mother's day gift!

Finally, after I took off the tape, I decided that it needed something extra, so I lined the words using a black sharpie.


For my second one, I didn’t really do a step by step process.  I decided to do my second one with Sharpies, and the design was kind of inspired by a pillow I saw at the home where I was babysitting yesterday:

How to: Last minute mother's day gift!

This one was super easy to do, and I love the way it turned out.
First I wrote the word LOVE in block letters, then drew a border around them.
Then I did the flower and drew the lines around it.
After that, I added the “chevron” style corner.
Then, I made the lines in between the L and the O, I liked the way that looked so I continued over the rest of the word.
I then remembered that scalloped edges on things are pretty popular right now, so I prettied up the other bottom corner with a scalloped design.
Then I finished it off by adding the straight lines in the top corner and on the side and filled it in with a red Sharpie.

I’ve already dropped the gifts off at the moms houses, so I feel like it’s ok to share this with the internet. 😉
Hope you have a great Mother’s Day weekend, and that you are able to celebrate with your mom/mom-figure too!


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