Style Challenge: Red and White

It’s been so fun participating in this challenge through The Daily Savant!  It’s been so much fun looking through all the pictures of Lauren Conrad on pinterest, and on google images and finding outfits that I could potentially copy.  There are a few things I’ve noticed about Lauren Conrad in doing this challenge:

1. She has a LOT of really cute dresses.  And if it wasn’t a dress that she was wearing herself, it was a dress that is from her line of clothing, Paper Crown.  I love dresses, I love wearing dresses and getting dressed up, so I think that may have been one of the reasons I chose her in the first place.  The dresses are just amazing!

2.  She wears a lot of high heels.  I also really love that aspect of her style.  Though I know that I couldn’t wear heels every day realistically, I love that she does and it was fun to be able to wear a lot of similar shoes to what she has. (with the major glaring difference being that mine cost wayyyy less than hers did haha)

3.  I just really like Lauren Conrad.  I love how much she has changed since being on shows such as Laguna Beach and The Hills. I love how her style has evolved over the years, and I love how grown up she is and how inspiring.  She works hard, and she plays hard. I love that she’s so accessible and I love the kind of role model she has become.  Maybe some of the “choices” she had made on The Hills weren’t the greatest, but you can tell that she learned from it and has moved onward and upward.  I think it’s really inspiring.

Here is the look I copied:

And here’s how I wore it:

Style Challenge: Lauren Conrad Red Skirt

Style Challenge: Lauren Conrad Red Skirt

Outfit Info:
Tank Top: F21
Skirt: Thrifted (Target)
Shoes: Target
Bag: French Connection
Frappies: Starbucks! (Frappuchino Happy Hour is the best. One belongs to my husband/photog 😉 )

Snag That Style: Lauren Conrad's Red and White outfit


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