How To Wear Leggings As Pants

How to wear leggings as pants

How to wear leggings as pants

How to wear leggings as pants

How to wear leggings as pants

How to wear leggings as pants How to wear leggings as pants

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You may have noticed, but I really like wearing leggings.  I have been wearing leggings for longer than this blog has existed, and I will continue to wear leggings (and share the pictures of me in leggings with you!!).

Leggings are articles of clothing that can bring up a lot of debate.  Are they really pants? Yes. They are pants. To clarify the title of this post, many people do not feel as though they are pants.  I disagree with that point.  I think that if they are opaque, made of pants material, are worn on your legs and look like pants, then they are pants!!  For the sake of argument, what I really mean is How To Wear Leggings With A Shirt That Doesn’t Cover Your Butt… but I felt that title was a bit too long for my liking 😉

1. Underwear:
Wearing the right pair of panties is important when you are choosing to wear leggings without a second piece of clothing covering your butt.  Many people find that if they bend down while wearing leggings, the fabric covering the behind has a chance of being a little bit more sheer than they would like.  So, if you enjoy wearing polka dot, or floral underpants and you bend over, people will know that you enjoy wearing polka dot or floral underpants.  The same thing goes for thongs!!  I always try to wear a pair of solid coloured underwear if I know my shirt isn’t that long, then even if I happen to bend over in public no one else has to know the pattern on my unmentionables.

2. Bend, no Snap:
My rule of thumb for avoiding sharing my underwear patterns with people who I would prefer to not know my underwear pattern is to do the bend over test.  I will ask my husband to look at my rear end while bending over (which he has no problem doing) and he tells me if he can see my underwear.  If you don’t have a husband, you could ask whoever your roommate is, or use your mirror.  Just make sure the lighting is really good so you can actually see it!  If it’s dimly lit where your mirror is, you might think that your underwear is invisible, but when you get into direct sunlight it is visible.

3. Rock it:
Disregard these guidelines and wear leggings how you want.  Wear those leggings with the confidence that comes with wearing clothing that you like and make you feel good!!


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  1. yes!! I agree with everything you say! I always hear on the radio or read in magazines that the number one thing that guys hate that girls wear are leggings and honestly I don’t care! I’m not wearing them for guys, I’m wearing them cause they’re freaking comfortable and look cute with boot. Why do guys get to decide what girls wear anyway?
    Good tips!

    1. Exactly!! I think one of my favourite quotations is from Betsy Johnson, and she said “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.”
      haha love it! so true 😉
      Thanks for reading <3

  2. Personally, I don’t wear leggings as pants and probably never will. But this is coming from the girl who owns five pairs of jeans and 0 pairs of track pants because she’s uncomfortable wearing yoga pants in public. So if you’re comfortable wearing them, ALL POWER TO YA! Good for you! My self-consciousness won’t allow me to wear ’em, but you look awesome in them! Rock on!

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