Getting out of the Dumps!



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Outfit Info:
Skirt: Old Navy
Socks: American Apparel
Scarf: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Headband: F21

Recent news, plus some personal stuff that had been happening left me wanting to crawl back into bed and stay there after I got up.  Have you ever had a day like that?  For a variety of reasons, I went to bed and woke up with a case of the sads.  But you can’t let that stop you from doing things, and life needs to go on.  How to you get rid of the sads and up out of the dumps?

Here’s a few things that helped me today:

1. Turn off CNN.  It got to the point in the news story where I simply couldn’t stop crying. Switching it off doesn’t make it go away, and it doesn’t make everything better, but not having each tiny detail  hashed out over and over and over again helps.2. Get dressed!  Today I thought that if I put on something that was a little more fun, it would help brighten my mood.  I really liked wearing a skirt over this dress because of the petticoat effect it had here. Plus you can never go wrong with pink!
3. Go shopping!  While I am not buying anything new currently, that doesn’t mean I can’t go to the thrift store!  I found the shoes and the scarf in the pictures, and only spent $8.00.  It was great! Plus, the scarf was wrapped in plastic so it was new anyway!  I really fell in love with the cute bunnies on it, too 🙂
4.  Eat something you like.  When I was out and about, I also picked up a few things from the supermarket and as a treat, bought some sour cherry balls.  I still have lots left, but having something sweet definitely helped.
5. Dance and sing.  While I was driving around, Call Me Maybe came on not just once, but twice! It was the perfect pick me up song. When I hear it, I can’t help but sing along and dance. Plus, it reminded me of some of my favourite people who would dance into the room when I listened to this song at work.
6. Snuggles. This doesn’t require an explanation!  Hugs and snuggles with someone I love always make me feel better.

What are the things you do to make yourself feel better?


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