Exam Style: School Girl-esque




IMG_1832 IMG_1839 IMG_1845





Outfit Info:
Dress: Joe Fresh
Collared Shirt: Joe Fresh
Socks: F21
Necklace: Rockabetty on Osborne

I have my first final exam this evening at 6:00pm, which means that I am missing youth, unfortunately.  Then I have two finals on Monday, and one next Friday!

When I was getting dressed this morning, it became apparent to me how I’ve been influenced by both the Spice Girls and The Nanny, two things that I have been looking at and watching a lot lately.  The collared shirt reminds me of Fran Fine, and the pink with the dress reminded me of Baby Spice, so I decided to put my hair in braids.  It’s really funny how the types of media you consume on a regular basis really inspire and affect the way you dress.

I also tried something different with my eyeshadow that I had seen on Pinterest last night!  I tried to do my makeup as close to this as possible! I think it looks pretty good 🙂  Plus, it was fun to do! The only difference is that I used silver instead of white, because that is what I had!


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