Lovely Apps: Happier!

Earlier this week, a friend of mine invited me to try this new app! Basically, this app encourages you to share three happy moments that you have a day with your friends.  They believe that even on the worst day ever, there can be little happy moments throughout and that writing them down causes people to be happier.  They also believe that sharing happy moments will spread that feeling, so people with happy friends are more likely to be happy themselves.  There are studies that have shown that people who write down three good things about their day report feeling happier, less anxious and more optimistic.

This app is so much fun, too!  After you post your three happy things, this happens:


It tells you how awesome you are, and confetti rains down on you!  And something even more fun rains down when you put in a FOURTH happy thing 🙂

This app is so fun to use, and I can definitely see myself using it for a while!

You can find it here!


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