Stylish Surprise: Cheery Red Dress



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Outfit Info:
Dress: Modcloth
Shirt: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Joe Fresh
Scarf: Wet Seal
Denim Jacket: Second hand

I love ModCloth! I love all the different styles they have, I love how much retro-inspired clothing they have, I just love it!!  It’s so much fun to just browse because, for the most part, I cannot really afford to buy very many of the items they carry.  Which is why I am absolutely enamoured with their Stylish Surprise idea.

Every so often, they do something called Stylish Surprise where, for $15.00, you get one random item in the size that you choose.  The last few times when it came up, I did not hesitate.  This time, however, was a little different.  I decided that for my new years resolution, I wasn’t going to buy any new clothes.  This purchase would for sure count against it, so I couldn’t do it.  But then, my husband bought it for me!  So, as a double surprise, this dress arrived this morning!

It’s so cute! I can’t wait for it to be actually nice out so that I can wear it.  For tonight, I paired it with a shirt/scarf combo because as I look out the window, there is snow falling from the sky right now. 🙁  I can’t wait to wear this dress all summer!!


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  1. Love the red and the buttons down the front! You’re right, its so bright and cheery 🙂 And that’s so sweet of your hubby to buy it for you!

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