Pink Lace




IMG_1656  IMG_1659


Outfit Info:
Skirt: Second hand
Shirt: Bluenotes
Scarf: gift

Since this weeks theme was lace, I wanted to actually wear some lace at some point this week, and I’m glad it was today!  As it gets warmer(ish) out, I’ve been playing around with putting together outfits that are more spring-like.  It can’t be 100% spring yet, though, because it’s still -Celsius degrees out right now. But once it gets higher than zero out, I’m going to be nixing the tights! I can’t wait!

I have the end of the term blues, too. I cannot wait until classes are over! I’ve been thinking up some things that I’m going to do during what I’ve been calling my spring break (because it’s spring, and it’s a break between when my finals end and my new class begins in May) and most of the things I’m going to do involve … not doing anything, honestly.  During my reading week, I filled it up with lots of activities and barely got any time to rest or relax.  I really want to do some things around here to organize, and other than that I want to knit and create things.  That’s all!


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