40 Days of Kindness: Anonymous Love Notes


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Outfit Info:
Sweater: JC Penney
Shirt: A bargain store that is no longer in business
Jeans: Bluenotes

For today’s random act of kindness, I took to the streets tumblr!  I know, based on the people that I follow on there, that there is a lot of sadness and a lot of loneliness on that website.  When it comes to a lot of the teenagers who frequent that website, a lot of them are really struggling with a lot of really heavy stuff.  I don’t know if it’s due to self-esteem issues, mental illness, or what, but there is a lot of just sadness and self harm messages floating all over that website.

So, I went to the insecure tag on tumblr, and I sent a bunch of people on there (anonymously) how beautiful and perfect and loved they are, also that they are more than good enough.  I did that until I wasn’t allowed to “ask” questions for an hour (which I thought was weird). Then, when I came home from school, I went to the depressed tag on tumblr, and I did the same thing until it told me I couldn’t send any more messages anymore.

I don’t know if  the people I messaged have seen my messages yet, I don’t know if they will look at it, or post it, or ignore it.  I just hope that it makes them feel a little less alone. A little less insecure, and a little less sad.  I know that no message like that is going to be a cure-all for all personal issues that a person could be having, but I just hope that I helped even a little bit.


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