Busy busy Sunday!


IMG_1409 IMG_1412



Outfit Details:
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Old Navy
Socks: F21
Boots: Rooster

Today was such a busy day, I almost forgot to post my outfit!  It started with church, which was really nice.. we sat at the front with a small group of some of our friends.  Then, we came home and I sat down and pumped out nine pages of an assignment (due Thursday, look at me! So early!!), then we went for dinner at my husband’s parents place.

I’m actually looking forward to this week! I have a lot going on, but it’s going to be so good 🙂  I have a few things due (and I’m finished 1.8 out of 3 of them), I have a few meetings lined up and I might even get to volunteer!  Plus, I get to hang out with some of my grade 7 girls on Friday, which is always super fun.

Hope your week is also amazing!


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