A La Instagram: Schoolwork…..

Andrew making his armour for the cardboard battle last Saturday!
My painting that I created during the church service last Sunday … I walked in with no plan, and I simply put paint to canvas and went with it 🙂  It was really fun.
New nail polish! It’s ~matte~
My brother playing hockey
My meatloaf victory
My face!

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I have a little bit of a confession to make.  This week has not been the best week for my lenten promises.  I’ve been really slipping in the past week. I haven’t been holding myself accountable for it either.  A lot of what I’ve been doing for it have been kind of afterthoughts.  I’ll be on my way home from school and remember that I needed to do something nice, and then try to think of what nice things I’ve already done in that day.  I have three assignments due next week that I’ve been working really hard on (and I have completed 1/3 of them), and it’s not really an excuse but it’s why I haven’t been so great at Lent in the last week.  For the next week, I am going to plan out my “random” acts of kindness in advance, based on how my days are going to go, and based on how busy everything is.  There’s only one week left!  I wanna make it a great one 🙂


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