40 Days of Kindness: Freak Out!








Outfit Info:
Sweater: The Gap
Yoga Pants: Lulu Lemon

Do you ever see those people in the supermarket or airport or post office who freak out at the people working there?  Maybe they’ve just had a setback, and maybe they’re not getting something that they want or need immediately when they want or need it.  Maybe, they’ve been sitting in the airport for hours waiting for a flight that was cancelled because of the weather.  Maybe, the register is trying to charge them the wrong price for something they wanted to buy.  Whatever it was that happened, they are furious with the person who is telling them the bad news.  Who has, most likely, absolutely no authority over the situation.

It’s so easy to freak out on that person.  They are the one delivering the bad news, they are the one who need to hear your wrath and all the bad things you’re thinking about the situation right now.  It’s so easy to rip into them and blame them for your problems.

It is not their fault, and yelling at them won’t help the situation!!  It bothers me so much when I see people yelling at customer service agents.  It is not their fault that you are having a bad day!!  It is not their fault that your flight got delayed or the price of the can of soup is different at the register than it was on the shelf! It is definitely not their fault that your food doesn’t taste good at the restaurant (people who give crummy tips to servers because the food tastes bad is another one of my pet peeves, if you don’t tell them and eat the whole thing anyway, they did not know so they could not fix it!!).

Anyway, my day!  On Monday, I got a package delivery notice in my mail box, so on Tuesday I went to go pick it up.  It wasn’t in the system yet.. maybe it was because of the storm, whatever.  So I went back today, and it STILL wasn’t in the system.  I could see how someone might be upset by this, and I was kind of annoyed.  But instead of taking it out on the person who worked there, I tweeted about it and moved on.

I was told to call a number and ask them.  So, I did!  Pretty much the same story there, too.  The guy on the phone was ridiculously apologetic.. like maybe he was expecting that I would freak out about it, even.  Nah.  There is absolutely no point in yelling at the person who just works at the call centre.  That missing package is nowhere near the call centre, how would he be able to find it?

So, I get to go back every other day or something like that and ask them if they have anything for me. Yay!


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  1. Hey darling 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I got the chance to publish a post featuring my Disney princess outfit that you recommended for me to do a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 You can see it here: zerxzastyle.blogspot.com/2013/03/once-upon-time-when-snow-lay-thick-and.html I hope you like it! 🙂

    Much love,


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