40 Days of Kindness: Feed the Birds





Outfit Info:
Cardi: Clothing Swap
Scarf: LA Express
Shirt: Clothing Swap
Skirt: Garage Sale
Leggings: American Apparel
Flower Hair Clip: Gift
Boots: Rooster (not pictured)

So, the other day I decided to try a new recipe for cookies that I had found when searching Google.  I had some very very ripe bananas, so I thought that I would make some cookies with bananas in them!  I found a recipe that I thought looked pretty good (I’m not going to link you, but it was Banana and Peanut Butter! YUM!!), so I decided to give it a shot.  Then, I was going to send the cookies with my husband to give to the people who work in his office, aka my old office.  I felt like that would be pretty nice 🙂

Unfortunately, this is not what ended up happening.  The cookies tasted TERRIBLE!  I don’t know whether it was me or the recipe I tried, but they were not good at all.  So my super idea for an act of kindness went right out the window.  And, I had about two dozen cookies that were practically inedible.

What do you do with a bunch of peanut butter banana cookies that no one would ever want to eat?  Well, I asked around to find out what others would do.  I received a lot of pretty good advice, and some kind of mean advice.  I could crumble it up and put it in ice cream, but I don’t think that would save it.  I could also crumble it up and use it as the crust for pie (appropriate for today) or for a cheesecake, but I wouldn’t want to ruin ANOTHER dessert.  I could also bring them to work and leave them in the staff room, and then pretend like I didn’t make them.  Haha, luckily for any coworkers I would have had, I don’t have a job, so that one is a no.  Another idea was to give them to children with icing and sprinkles!  They probably would put so much icing on them that they would taste good, but I don’t really know any kids.

Instead, I decided to crumble them up and give them to the birds!  There are a lot of birds in my area, so I put them outside and the birds and squirrels  can enjoy them.

That’s still an act of kindness, right? 😉


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