40 Days of Kindness: 5 Days





Outfit Info:
Tee-shirt: 5 Days for the Homeless Volunteer Shirt
Jeans: Bluenotes
Bracelet: 5 Days for the Homeless 🙂

This week, all across the country, University Students will be taking to the streets.  They will be living on campus for five days and nights to raise money and awareness for homelessness.  They won’t have money, food/drinks, or access to showers.  They will only have a pillow and a sleeping bag and they will have to attend all classes.  They will be sleeping outside, in a makeshift shelter, using only materials they were able to find.  The program is called 5 Days for the Homeless!  And at the University of Manitoba, they’re doing this to raise money for Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY)

This program has being going on at the University of Manitoba for five years, and this is the first year that I’m volunteering at it!  They need more than just their six students who are sleeping outside, they also need canvassers to help raise the money, so today, I gave an hour of my time to try to collect money.  Tomorrow, I will be giving 2 1/2 hours, and on Thursday I’ll be helping out again.  It’s a really great cause, and I love being able to help raise money for such an amazing organization!

AND!! If you want to help, too, you can!!  Just go to the website: http://5days.ca/manitoba/ and donate money there! Or look for me at Fletcher Argue tomorrow from 10:30-1:00 and at the Science building from 11:30-1:00!  Or RIGHT outside of UC, where their main camp is.

Hope you have a great week!


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