Orange County



Outfit Info:
Sweater: The Fairmont in Newport Beach (haha)Leggings: American Apparel
Hair clip: My MIL brought it back for me from (I think) San Diego! It turns purple in the sun!

Today I had the kind of morning that I absolutely hate.  My regular routine (Or what I am TRYING to make my regular routine) is to get up at 6:00, exercise for about 20-30min on my elliptical, then slowly get dressed, eat breakfast, sip coffee, make my lunch, etc for the next hour.  I have to leave to catch my bus at 7:35, so I like to have a calm and slow morning to make sure that happens.

Today, I woke up at 7:00, so I got to do none of these things.  No breakfast, luckily my husband made me coffee to bring with me, but I had barely any time to put anything together.  As I very quickly grabbed something to wear, my Orange County hoodie caught my eye!  It has been pretty cold lately, so I thought that I would wear something at least warm THEMED.  Plus, it was a nice reminder of California and how beautiful it is there 🙂

It turned out that my warm themed clothes were effective, too! It was a gorgeous sunny and warm day! 🙂 (well.. Winnipeg at the end of Feburary style of warm anyway)

Hope your day was warm as well! <3


ps: for my random act of kindness of the day, I plugged the vending machine in Max Bell, a building at my school! Hopefully the next person who went up to it was very excited to receive my $2.00 🙂

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