40 Days of Kindness: Art





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Outfit Info:
Skirt: Old Navy
Top: Swapped
Hairband: Le Chateau
Socks: Le Chateau
Shoes: Le Chateau

Reading week went by way too quickly! It’s almost over now, and I only did some of the things I wanted to do during it.  Andrew and I did not get to go to the Museum here, and I didn’t actually do very much reading.  Since I’m working all weekend, today was a vegetable kind of day.  I didn’t get dressed until the afternoon!  I was going to do absolutely nothing, but I ended up doing a few things!  One of the things that I did today was art!

Every once in a while at my church they have something that they like to call “Napoleon Torte Art” where each week, different artists will add something small onto a painting.  I thought it looked really neat the last time, so this time I contributed a little something.  And that something was GLITTER!!  I’ m not 100% done yet, but I will post pictures when I am.  I know it doesn’t seem so random, but it kind of was! I asked the person running it on Sunday about it, but didn’t hear back right away, so my husband picked one out for me to contribute to on Tuesday!  At random 😉 I’m excited to see what people think about it!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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