40 Days of Kindness: Let Me In!



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Outfit Info:
Shirt: Le Chateau
Scarf: Gift
Yoga Pants: Lulu Lemon

Doing a random act of kindness every day during reading week has proven to be pretty difficult.  Though I have gone out for a little bit each day, I’m mostly a homebody, and today was no exception to that.  The other thing, since I’ve mostly stayed at home this week, I haven’t wanted to get dressed either.  Why should I get dressed when I don’t have to leave the house?

This coming weekend, I’m going to be at the Babies and Kids Show here in Winnipeg!  I’m going to be part of a team for Natrel Baboo, and I will be giving out samples of and coupons for Baboo!  Tonight was the training meeting for that.  So I got to leave the house to go to this meeting.  Over the last few days, I’ve noticed that people have been driving pretty erratically.  I’m usually not one to get road rage, but it can happen to the best of us.  Today, in my drive to and from my meeting, I decided that I would be a really nice driver.  I let buses in to the lanes so they could keep going, and I let others in.  I find that, especially in Winnipeg, people don’t like to let other people into their lanes, so I decided to let everyone in!  It was great. AND, I didn’t even get upset when the person didn’t wave at me after!!

Hope your day had easy riding, too <3


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