Valentine’s Day: Etsy

One of my favourite things to do on Etsy these days is to go on the app and just look at all of the suggested items.  I’ll sit on the app in my bed, or in class, or wherever, and favourite things that it suggests to me!  It had a lot to do with the kinds of things that I bought Andrew for Christmas, and it has inspired me in other ways as well!

Recently, I’ve been looking with Valentine’s Day in mind!  So here are my top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts from Etsy Shops (in no particular order) 🙂

Personalized Valentine Children's Jewelry Name Bracelet great gift or Party Favor Infant Child Kid Adult Sizes VALENTINE'S DAY

Personalized Valentine’s Day Bracelet $3.25
I know that it says in the shops that it’s supposed to be for kids, but I think it’s so cute! I love the little beads they use, and it would even be really fun to get two, one with your name and one with the name of your love!

Kitty Kollection (15 piece stationary set)

Kitty Collection Stationary Set $8.00
I LOVE stationary, I LOVE kitties, what could be better?

valentines for man - Gun Soap  - valentine's day
Gun Soap $6.00
This would be really fun for either yourself or your love!  It’s SOAP so it’s something you could play with in the bath/shower!

You Are My Sunshine 16 x 16 Pillow Cover, home decor, family gift, new family, house warming, bedroom decor, kids gift

You Are My Sunshine pillow $20.00
The Sunshine song is so cute, and I love the way that the artist of this shop has made it into a pretty throw pillow. It could fit in anywhere, and brighten up a room! 🙂

You plus  Me equals Love Hand Stamped Spiral Notebook Journal

You Plus Me Equals Love notebook $10.00

I love notebooks, and this one has such a cute message on the front. It’s a nice reminder to carry around with me

Whiskey Caramels

Whiskey Caramels $10.00

I’m not a huge whiskey drinker, but I think that something like this adds a lot of fun to the traditional sweets that you could get your love for Valentine’s Day.. something that gives it a little something extra!

You Are My Anchor  - Stacking Ring Set of 4 - Hand Stamped - Recycled Sterling Silver and a Copper Heart- Your Size

You Are My Anchor 4 stacking rings $82.00

I love stacking rings so much, and I love the theme of these ones. Plus, it’s always nice to get something like this from a small shop. You can have it very customized.

Penguin Cufflinks Set, Gift Box Included, Guaranteed

Penguin Cufflinks $22.50

These are a lot of fun.  I personally enjoy them because my husband and I call each other penguins. 🙂

Lego Heart Keychain Necklace Set Friendship BFF Couples - Includes Lego Heart KEYCHAIN Set - Two Lego Zipper Pull Charms & Gift Pouches

Lego Heart Keychain Necklace Set $12.00

This is so cute! A different take on the classic Best Friend necklace!  I love that you can connect them and that you’re both wearing one half of the heart. You can share it with your sweetie or with your bff!

Candyfloss - Rose Quartz with Silver Plated Wire

Candyfloss Rose Quartz necklace $40.00

I just think this one is really pretty!

If you’re wanting to buy any of these (or anything from etsy) for your love or your friend (or your mom/sibling) for valentine’s day, I would get on it right away! One of the things that I learned from ordering a lot of things from etsy at Christmas was that it might not get there in time! Order quick!!



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