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I love Valentine’s Day! I always have. It’s a day that’s all about red and pink and friendship and love. It’s so much fun!

When you’re a little kid, everyone gives everyone a valentine. My mom used to make us these books so that we could keep all of them in one place, and look back on them. I still have them! They were adorable!

In high school, my dad would bring home a chocolate rose for me, my sister and my mom because they were selling them at work.  I didn’t date in high school, but I still had so much fun with it.  Since I went to a school with a uniform, it was usually a nice excuse for a “Colour Day” aka a day to wear normal clothes and NOT the uniform!  So much fun!

I know what you’re going to say though… “of course you love Valentine’s day, you’re married! You have someone.” To that I say, Nay! I also loved Valentine’s Day when I was single. I would make a valentine for all of my friends. The guys and the girls.  Just so much fun to make, and I loved being able to spread the love to my friends in that way.

This year, I have a paper and a midterm on Valentine’s Day, so my husband and I aren’t going to do anything really special that takes time in advance… We’re still going to go out for dinner that night, but no gifts.  I just have too much schoolwork. 🙁

I’m probably going to post a lot about valentine’s day leading up to it, but here are some polyvore’s that I made with Valentine’s date clothing ideas!


Girls Night Out:

valentines date - girls night out

Fancy/Theatre Date:

valentines date - theatre

Dinner Date:

valentines date - dinner

Group Hang:

valentines date - group hang

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  1. I love these Polyvores! The group hang one is my favourite, the dress and coat are gorgeous!
    I always liked Valentine’s day as well, regardless of whether or not I’m single. The cookies and prospect of baking, plus all the reds and pinks are the best.

    Good luck on your schoolwork! 🙁

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