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In my faculty, you get to hear a lot about the ~obesity epidemic~ as well as the popular TV show, The Biggest Loser.  I’ve heard about it in so many classes, and it’s one of the reality tv shows that I have never seen.  Based on newspaper articles and stories from friends, it was my understanding that it was just a show where you could watch overweight people get yelled at on treadmills.  Doesn’t sound like that great of a show, right?

Well, I figured that since I have heard about it in so many different classes, that maybe I should actually watch the thing before passing judgement on it.  This way, I can give a fully informed opinion!

I’m watching this season, and I am actually really enjoying it.  This is the first year where they have teenagers on the show, but they’re not regular contestants.. they’re still at home, they just get visited by the trainers at home, and sometimes take trips to the ranch. They also can’t get eliminated, which is awesome. Which means that it truly is about changing their current lifestyle and helping them find a healthy lifestyle.

I had heard stats that most of the people who have been on that show only end up gaining their weight back after they leave it, which is discouraging if it’s true.. but of the people who have been eliminated so far, they show what their life has been like even though they left, and they are all doing great!

I don’t know what the rest of the season will bring, but I’m looking forward to root for this group of people as they change their lives.


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