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Outfit Info:
Scarf: can’t remember
Shirt: Jacob
Skirt: Some shop on Osborne that isn’t there anymore
Leggings: American Apparel
Hoodie: Bootlegger
Socks: Gift
Hair clip: The 90’s

I love colouring. When I was a kid, colouring books were my jam. I loved finding fun pictures, and then making them more fun with great colours 🙂

A few years ago, my bff gave me a Sleeping Beauty colouring book for my birthday! It had pip-squeak markers (named adorable things like, raindrop and chocolate chip) and fun activities in it.  Before bed, I would put a tv show on netflix, such as H20,Just Add Water, and watch tv and colour.  So much fun!

A few months ago, my friend gave me a My Little Pony colouring book (as well as a little toy version of Twilight Sparkle!!) so tonight, he came over and we coloured!  It is SO MUCH FUN! And really relaxing.  Plus, as someone with very little artistic ability, I love that I can make something beautiful!


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