Habit Forming

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They say it takes 21 days to create a habit.  Once you’ve done something for those 21 days, you will always do that thing after.

I don’t know if this is always true. I once did a 30 day hot yoga challenge. I did a hot yoga class every day for thirty days. It was INTENSE. And after that, I didn’t go back for 2 years.

Some habits I do have though:

This term, I have gotten into the habit of doing my notes the night before the class so I could be prepared for class.
I’m in the habit of blogging daily!
I’m in the habit of drinking coffee in the morning, and of being early for class.
I’m in the habit of showering at night.

I know it’s the 22nd of January, but how are your resolutions/new habits going?  Looking back on my resolutions for this year, I’m glad that I have been kicking the procrastination bug.  I haven’t been exercising much but (warning: excuses excuses) I’ve been sick, so I haven’t really felt up for it.  My main one was that I wouldn’t buy myself any new clothes, and so far I have done that!  Though, I did buy my husband a new shirt on Sunday 😉


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