19th Century Hockey

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So, in one of my classes this term, we get to participate in and present tutorials about Canadian sports.  Today was our first one, and it was put on by our prof as a way to show us what ours might look like!  It was actually really fun!  In the class so far, we’ve basically just been talking about sports after confederation (1867), and how these sports got their first rules, and how they came to be! (As an example, it’s always seen as  a “trivia topic” to know that the ~official sport of Canada~ is and how it’s always secretly been lacrosse?  Well, the only reason that it WAS the national sport of Canada, is because the man who originally codified the sport SAID it was!! So funny!)

Anyway, hockey was one of the games that we’ve been talking about.  So, for today’s “tutorial”, we played (floor) hockey by the rules from the late 19th century. Which meant, the old language (calling the face-off a Bully), no charging from behind, tripping, collaring, kicking or shinning.  Players may only pass backwards, there is no forward passing allowed! If a player on the same team as the guy with the puck is ahead of the puck, he is not allowed to touch the puck. (All of this is male because lets be real, this was an all male sport at the end of the 19th century).  And, after every goal, the teams much switch sides!  I’m not going to type them all out here, but these were a few that I found interesting.

It was really fun though! We played for about a half hour, and though we weren’t really keeping score, my team had more goals than the other team.. so we won 😉


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