Too Cold to Function





Outfit Info:
Scarf: Gift
Dress: Dynamite
Shirt: Not sure
Boots: Rooster on River

It’s no secret that me and Winter are not friends. We’re friendly in November/December, but as soon as January strikes, it’s like Winter is out to get me and doesn’t want me to be happy.  Today was a pretty bad day for our relationship.  It was F R E E Z I N G!!! I got to drive to school today because of the parking ban (woo hoo?), but it was RIDICULOUSLY ICY on the roads. When I first got onto the main road, I slid like crazy and almost hit someone.  UGH! So the rest of the way to school, I drove like 40 km/hour.  Sorry to whoever was behind me on the way to (and from) school! I was a slow little old lady!!

Luckily, yesterday my hat and mittens FINALLY came in the mail! We ordered them off of a groupon type online deal in NOVEMBER and they only came yesterday:


Stay Warm!!


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