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Outfit Info:
Shirt: Second Hand (from my cousin!)
Leggings: American Apparel

It’s probably not good that I’ve worn these leggings so many times this week.  This morning, I got up probably about 20 minutes or so before I needed to leave to catch my bus. That really means throwing something together at the last minute. I barely even had time to make myself a lunch.  The leggings were the closest thing I could find!  Documenting this just shows me how often I’m wearing them, though, which means I won’t be wearing them tomorrow.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a spare from 9:45am until 1:00pm, and today I was lucky enough to get a couch at the lounge in University Centre, IQ’s!  I love it when I can get a table, but I feel even luckier when I can snag a couch!  IQ’s is one of the best places (for me) to study at the University.  I am really bad with studying at the library because it is too quiet.  I always wonder what everyone else is doing and whether or not I am going to get murdered.

IQ’s is perfect for studying.  Yes, there are people talking at normal volume. Yes, there are tvs (or, there were? I don’t remember seeing any today). Yes, there is noise! If you need that SILENT space of the library, IQ’s is not for you.  I thrive on there being things going on around me when I study.  It gives me a chance to have mini-breaks of looking up to see that person go by, or whatever. It helps that there is a place to get coffee right there!


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