Baptism Sunday

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Outfit Details:
Sweater: JC Penny
Skirt (Dress): American Apparel
Socks: Le Chateau
Scarf: Wet Seal
Bow: Tiny Tangerines Etsy Store

I always cry at Baptisms. No matter what the person says in their testimonial, I always cry when they are actually baptized. It is so cool to have been a witness to that, and to hear their story, and to actually see them get “dunked”.  I especially love being able to hear exactly how Jesus has come into their life and made it better., or the way that He has changed them. It’s so inspiring to hear the ways that Jesus is working in people’s lives in real, tangible ways for them. I love that I am part of a church community that has baptisms as often as The Meeting Place does.


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