Back to the grind

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Second Hand
Tights: Online
Shoes: Le Chateau
Bow: Zellers

My least favourite part about Christmas holidays is when they end and you have to take everything down, and then go back to school. Today, I took down the Christmas tree and put away the sparkly lights.  The stand for our Christmas tree is back to being a pile of magazines, and the room isn’t as glittery and fun as it once was.
New Years means new beginnings, and tomorrow I start school again! I’m mostly excited about it, but it’s kind of a bummer to have to go back to being super busy all the time.  I’m taking four classes this year, which will be good!  I’m excited for what this next term will bring, and everything that I’ll learn there.  I’m taking a Marketing class through the business school at my university, as well as Program Planning, Canadian Sport History and Management and Marketing of Leisure Services.  Most of these classes are within my faculty, and most of them are gearing towards what I actually want to do when I finish, so it’ll be good.  Plus, I’m taking the marketing course with a friend, so we’ll have fun together 🙂


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