New Me Resolutions

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Please excuse the giant bag of garbage. It is filled with wrappers and cardboard from IKEA purchases.

Outfit Details:Dress: F21
Cardigan: Garage
Belt: somewhere in the States
Boots: Rooster on River av
Tights: Zellers

So everyone seems to be doing their New Years resolutions! In true Alysa style, I have been putting it off.

Last year, I decided to take it one month at a time and have a resolution for the month only.  That didn’t work.  Well, it worked for the first few months, but then Lent hit and I was committed to being sugar free.  After Lent was over, I didn’t really make any new resolutions.

There are a few resolutions or changes that I actually started before the New Year.  The first major one was actually exercising.  I had been doing hot yoga, and at one point I had a gym membership.  The problem with these things was that I wasn’t ever available at the time of the classes, or I had trouble actually getting to the building due to lack of vehicle.  We have an elliptical machine in the apartment, and my goal is to work out at least three days a week.

The biggest resolution I have set for myself isn’t something that I am adding to my life, it’s something that I am taking away.  I am not allowing myself to buy any new clothes for myself.  As someone who is currently unemployed, it doesn’t seem right to be spending money on clothing. If I “need” to buy clothes, it can be second hand or made by me!

Finally, I am going to kick a lil habit I’ve had my entire life: I am going to stop procrastinating!

Wish me luck! And I wish you luck in your New Years resolutions!


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