New Year, New me!

Or something to that effect!

ImageImageOutfit Details:
Dress: HushSocks: Le Chateau
Handbag: Homemade
Headband: Aldo Accessories
Bracelet: Pandora

I got to spend New Years Eve dancing my butt off with my husband and a bunch of my close friends. We toasted with champagne at midnight and continued dancing. It was a truly fabulous night.

Today, however, was not as fabulous. I spent my first day of 2013 doing laundry! My husband and I are really bad at doing laundry, apparently. I really don’t like the laundry room in our building (it’s expensive, and it takes forever) so we go to my parents house to use theirs.  Which is why we put it off so much in the month of December.  So, basically, today I spent 9 hours (give or take) watching tv with my brother and husband and doing a month and a half worth of laundry.  The best part? I ACTUALLY put the majority of it away when I got home, too!

Hope your new years eve was amazing, and that you had a restful first day of 2013!


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