Hi! Welcome to my blog!My name is Alysa, and over the last little while I have been inspired to start documenting style and life.  My style and life, to be more specific.  I know, it’s not something that is especially fresh or original, but maybe what I do with my life and my style will be.  Or, it’ll be like any other fashion blog on this crazy blogosphere. I guess we’ll see what happens.

andrew&alysa_2012_0024There’s me!
I’m a full time student in Winnipeg, and I’m taking recreation management.  I am technically in my second year.  I am also a newlywed! I was married last May 19th to my wonderful husband, Andrew 🙂 He is amazing and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found him.

My last term of school, I started to notice that I had gotten myself into a bit of a rut, style wise.  I had a style go-to, a lazy go-to, that I wore every single day like a uniform.  I realized that I was wearing my comfortable leggings and an over-sized sweater or sweatshirt way too often.  It seems to be a trend on my campus, too.  Everywhere I look are the leggings. Now, I am not banning leggings from my wardrobe, I love them too much.  What I will do is try and dress it up a little bit more and make them a bit more fun and a bit more fashionable!

My other goal with this blog is that I have realized that I spend way too much money on clothes that I never actually wear.  I am giving myself a 365 day ban from buying any new clothes.  I will thrift/buy second hand, but anything that comes from a mall, or any online retailer is off limits for the next year.  This goal will definitely put a stopper in the majority of my spending.  Since I do not have a job (woo funemployed!!) I don’t feel as though it’s right for me to buy new clothes! It’s pretty simple.  That’s about it for now!

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